Jobos Surf Spot

Jobos Surf Spot, Puerto Rico

I now have an accumulation of six months of surfing under my belt. You understand that’s the tip of the iceberg, right? Barely a dent.

Born and raised in northern Wisconsin, a little town known as Rice Lake, I grew up in a place where life was simple, safe and wonderful. You’re likely familiar with Madison & Milwaukee yes? Well, it’s nowhere near there so you can just wash any ideas of what you thought you knew about Wisconsin out of your head.  It’s way more awesome than that.

In Rice Lake, while there was of course a lake, we lacked good surf. Ok, zero waves, and my experience with water consisted of ice fishing, water skiing and leeches.

It wasn’t until my recent 32nd birthday that I gave surfing a second thought. My fiancé at the time, now husband, was a surfer dude at heart. He had a similar upbringing in Ohio, again lack of exposure to epic waves.

Now here we sit on our first international surf trip to Puerto Rico – a couple of rookies 6 months in chasing surf around the globe. It’s awesome.  I hope you’ll come along for our journey.

surf action photo